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Our Process

Though we are engaged in adapting to our rapidly-changing industry, we separate ourselves from other firms by adhering to our disciplined and time-honored planning process. We are problem solvers, strategists, and devoted advocates of your continued success.

1) Discovery

When building a wealth management plan, the right questions yield the best answers:
Where do you want to go? What do you want to achieve? What do you value most? To start our exploration process as early as possible, we provide clients with the option to fill out an online fact-finder prior to our first meeting.

By understanding and exploring your short-term needs, long-term objectives, risk tolerance and more, our professionals build custom strategies to help you fulfill your goals.

2) Analysis

Through in-person discussions and an in-depth analysis of your current situation, we will identify the ideal solutions to fit your unique profile. Our planning philosophy extends across all financial disciplines, from budgeting and spending, to debt and risk allocation, estate planning, investment management, retirement planning and more.

3) Recommendation

After you select your ideal financial plan, we will continue to analyze each area of your portfolio. As we manage your investments, we will remain vigilant in overseeing your assets while making additional suggestions. Our holistic oversight allows us to seek new opportunities for growth while defending your best interests at all times.

4) Implementation

As our experts implement your custom strategies, we will coordinate the implementation process with additional members of your team, including legal, accounting, and trust professionals. To protect your financial future, we will ensure all areas of your plan meet your expectations. We prioritize consistent communication every step of the way.

5) Active Wealth Management

Financial planning is an ongoing process, and our comprehensive wealth management plans are designed to adapt to the unexpected. As markets and economies change, your financial plans must have the elasticity to meet your unique and evolving needs. Through our team’s frequent reviews and commitment to accountability, we will work alongside you to promote your continued success.

Additional FAQ's ↴

What are your areas of expertise?

Life is all about choices. At Blakely Walters Wealth Management, we specialize in helping clients in the midst of a life transition. Our advisors help clients can help you understand the full picture of your situation, identify the options at your disposal, and choose the path that aligns with your best interests. Whether you’re getting married, nearing retirement, selling a business, stuck between jobs, or dealing with a death in the family, we’ll help you navigate these transitions and strengthen your financial confidence.

What is an "independent" advisor? 

In today’s globally-connected economy, investors can access a wide range of financial institutions. From the “big box” wire-houses, to regional and boutique firms, clients have more freedom than ever before in selecting their financial partners. The question is: do your advisors have the same unmitigated freedom to work for you?

Only independent advisors can provide investment products to clients with true objectivity. At Blakely Walters Wealth Management, we pride ourselves on our independence and ability to provide unbiased advice and solutions that truly have your best interests in mind.

What is your fee structure?

As a fee-based firm, we are primarily compensated by the fees we charge. This fee-based structure upholds our fiduciary responsibility and promotes our clients’ best interests.

Why do clients like working with your firm?

  1. A Comprehensive Perspective – Unique people deserve tailored solutions. Though one-size fits all policies may be the standard approach, we strive to gain a complete understanding of your financial life. We then align our processes to match your best interests and help you achieve your most valued goals.
  2. Total Independence - In our rapidly-growing industry, independence is everything. Free from the constraints of outside interests, Blakely Walters Wealth Management operates exclusively on behalf of our clients. Our fully-independent firm was founded to return the world of financial planning back where it belongs: to you.

How can Blakely Walters Wealth Management help me?

We are committed to simplifying the world of financial planning so you can live the life you’ve imagined. As longtime financial advisors, we have an opportunity to help people take charge of their financial lives in ways they’ve never imagined. Whether in our first meeting together or our tenth, our primary objective is to give you clarity about your financial situation and confidence in your future. We achieve this through listening to your goals, understanding your priorities, and crafting tailored strategies that are built to last.

What if I don’t live near your offices?

Whether you’re at home or away, we are dedicated to delivering modern and efficient ways to connect with our team. While in-person discussions will always retain their value, our virtual-conferencing software makes it easier than ever to have face-to-face meetings. Many of our clients live across the country, and this technology has proven integral to maintaining our relationships.

How much experience does your firm have?

Our planners have a wide range of experience, training, qualifications, and insight to deliver meaningful financial advice. Our team approach also helps us provide our best thinking, and multiple channels for client service.

Our services are made available to over 15,000 individuals across the United States which keeps us busy and puts real world application front of mind for every one of our wealth managers.

Do I need to be wealthy to work with your firm?

Absolutely not! Our firm takes great pride in providing quality financial advice to individuals from all walks of life. Our straight forward fee based approach gives us autonomy and independence to provide value to the financial questions you have regardless of your current financial standing.

Do you work with High Net Worth Individuals?

Our defined planning methodology paired with world class financial planning software, asset managers, and network of professionals for additional services make us a great fit for individuals who may have more complex planning needs.

Where are meetings with my advisor held?

Meetings are typically held at our office located in Tempe, Arizona. However, our wealth managers often decide to meet with individuals at their work place or coffee shops closer to their home. In addition we utilize web based meeting software that allows you to meet with your advisor no matter where you are.

Check in with your specific wealth manager for meeting options and preferences.

How long do consultations last?

Our appointment system automatically books a 90 minute consultation for all meetings scheduled. However, if time is limited we can adjust our agendas to match your needs.

Will the wealth manager try to sell me anything?

We sell advice. Our wealth managers adhere to a defined process that includes fact finding, education, goal setting, followed with recommendations for tools to utilize to accomplish those goals.

We have the ability to help clients execute investment and insurance strategies if they desire our assistance. However, our advice is delivered in a format that allows the client to implement the advice provided wherever they feel most comfortable.

How should I prepare for the first consultation?

Filling out our digital fact finder prior to your first meeting is the best way to prepare. Our administrative team should get you access to this tool once your appointment is scheduled, or earlier if requested. If you have not received your factfinder invitation please reach out to us for assistance. In addition organizing investment statements, insurance policies, debt statements, benefit summaries, social security statements, and any other relevant financial documents will be valuable but not required.

Will the advisor help me build a plan that complements my benefits?

Yes! If you have a benefit package it's crucial that we understand how it operates. It is very likely that many of the goals we establish can be accomplished by utilizing tools already available to you through your employer.

How do I pay for your services?

Our wealth managers will help you identify the most appropriate road map to pay for services provided. The most common methods are through checks, account management charges, or a combination of both.

Why can't I find reviews about your firm online?

Existing securities regulations strictly prohibit published testimonials including online reviews. We serve individuals and companies across the United States and conduct thousands of financial planning meetings a year. Still unsure? Don't hesitate to contact one of our co-founders to discuss your concerns.