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Frequently Asked Questions

What are your areas of expertise?

Life is all about choices. At Blakely Walters Wealth Management, we specialize in helping clients in the midst of a life transition. Our advisors help clients can help you understand the full picture of your situation, identify the options at your disposal, and choose the path that aligns with your best interests. Whether you’re getting married, nearing retirement, selling a business, stuck between jobs, or dealing with a death in the family, we’ll help you navigate these transitions and strengthen your financial confidence.

What is an "independent" advisor? 

In today’s globally-connected economy, investors can access a wide range of financial institutions. From the “big box” wire-houses, to regional and boutique firms, clients have more freedom than ever before in selecting their financial partners. The question is: do your advisors have the same unmitigated freedom to work for you?

Only independent advisors can provide investment products to clients with true objectivity. At Blakely Walters Wealth Management, we pride ourselves on our independence and ability to provide unbiased advice and solutions that truly have your best interests in mind.

What is your fee structure?

As a fee-based firm, we are compensated by the fees we charge, not the products we sell. This fee-based structure that upholds our fiduciary responsibility and promotes our clients’ best interests.

Why do clients like working with your firm?

  1. A Comprehensive Perspective – Unique people deserve tailored solutions. Though one-size fits all policies may be the standard approach, we strive to gain a complete understanding of your financial life. We then align our processes to match your best interests and help you achieve your most valued goals.
  2. Total Independence - In our rapidly-growing industry, independence is everything. Free from the constraints of outside interests, Blakely Walters Wealth Management operates exclusively on behalf of our clients. Our fully-independent firm was founded to return the world of financial planning back where it belongs: to you.
  3. Your Fiduciary - We believe our clients deserve the highest standard of care possible, the Fiduciary Standard. As your fiduciary, we are dedicated to serving your best interests in every way. Free from the pressure of selling corporate and proprietary products, our advice, analysis, and strategies are always tailored to our clients’ unique situations.

How can Blakely Walters Wealth Management help me?

We are committed to simplifying the world of financial planning so you can live the life you’ve imagined. As longtime financial advisors, we have an opportunity to help people take charge of their financial lives in ways they’ve never imagined. Whether in our first meeting together or our tenth, our primary objective is to give you clarity about your financial situation and confidence in your future. We achieve this through listening to your goals, understanding your priorities, and crafting tailored strategies that are built to last.

What if I don’t live near your offices?

Whether you’re at home or away, we are dedicated to delivering modern and efficient ways to connect with our team. While in-person discussions will always retain their value, our virtual-conferencing software makes it easier than ever to have face-to-face meetings. Many of our clients live across the country, and this technology has proven integral to maintaining our relationships.