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Homegrown Wealth Management Firm Launches Partnership Local First Arizona

Homegrown Wealth Management Firm Launches Partnership Local First Arizona

| December 26, 2017

Business partners Sloan Walters and Jim Blakely are Co-Founders of the local financial planning company, Blakely Walters Wealth Management, in Tempe, Arizona. Having been Local First members for years, Sloan and Jim decided to increase their commitment to building a stronger Arizona by becoming sustaining members, and are thrilled! 

Although now Co-Founder of a growing company, Sloan’s Arizona story starts long before Blakey Walters Wealth Management or Local First Arizona ever began. As a teenager, Sloan found himself inside Stinkweeds meeting Kimber Lanning for the first time. Kimber, the Founder and Executive Director of LFA, opened her record store in Tempe over 30 years ago. 

“Kimber and her staff were always so kind and really took the time to show me new music that I might not find on my own”, Sloan remembers. “It was a shining example that has stuck with me to this day regarding the unique value small business provides to a community.”

Now running Blakely Walters with Jim, their team hopes to be a leading agent in helping Local First members and the community as a whole become more financially informed. Their expertise and deep commitment to helping businesses thrive will be key in providing creative ways to keep money here in the community.

“Our business strives to provide those same qualities for every client we serve.  Education, personalized advice, and putting our clients’ needs first are essential to the health and success of our business”, says Sloan.  “We have made it our life mission to change the way financial planning is done.”

Blakely Walters is about financial wellness for everyone and their team looks forward to sharing their best thinking with you!